The Interest about the Greek Grape Varieties

There are hundreds of Greek grape varieties. This means that Greek wine production is not limited to a few grape varieties, like in other vineyards of the world. However the Greek vineyard is one of those that not only have many varieties to present, but also very interesting ones. It is also a good host for many international grape varieties as well, starring the classic international ones like Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Either in single varietal wines, blended amongst them, with other foreign ones or with Greek ones, they give interesting and mainly unique results.

Today, when everyone is looking for the different, Greek native grape varieties are the Greek vineyards real treasure for modern wine lovers of the world, offering unique aromas and tastes, which cannot be found in any other vineyard in the world. Off course among the Greek grape varieties there are excellent ones as well as very rare cases, either as far as quality is concerned, either in terms of quantity. Four of these, two greek white varieties, Assyrtiko (mainly in Santorini island) and Moschofilero (in Mantinia plateau) and two greek red wines, Agiorgitiko (of Nemea) and Xinomavro, (in Naoussa and Amynteo) are in the first line and Athiri, Vilana, Kydonitsa, Malagousia, Muscat of Alexandria, Debina, Roditis, Robola, Savatiano (white) and Kotsifali, Limnio, Mavrodafni, Mavrotragano and Mavroudi (red) follow.

Greek Grape Varieties & their Locations