Greek Wine, Culture, Civilization, Gastronomy

Wine Tasting in Greece

Greek Wine History

Greek wine, culture and gastronomy have coincided for centuries that this “wise” in alcohol content beverage has become a part of Greek DNA, connected with material and spiritual civilization.

Wine has been an important part of Greek culture for over 4000 years as it’s indicated from the numerous archaeological discoveries throughout Greece. A major part in the Greek mythology with its own God, Dionysus, a figure created to appreciate the joy of life.

The ancient Greeks knew well the nutritional value of wine as it became an inseparable part of their daily regimen. They loved to organize intellectual gatherings called “symposia” where they would eat and wine taste, while talking about philosophical subjects .

Our ancestors very soon realized the important influence of the local ecosystem on the characteristics of wine. They even traded their wines throughout the ancient world inside sealed amphorae and even created their own appellations of Origin to keep and honor their hidden treasure, creating unique wine tasting experienes.

Greek Wine and Gastronomy

Gastronomy and the Mediterranean diet both origined from Greece. The extraordinary and profoundly tasty traditional Greek cuisine and the local dishes are closely tied with the leading and unique products of the land, and are traditionally accompanied by white & red wine.

The list of unique greek products can continue forever. Some of them as botargo, beneficial herbs (dried), Greek yogurt, which has already conquered the world, the unique olive oil and olives, honey, the incredible rusks and different cheeses amongst them the exclusively Greek feta, the unique Mastic of Chios, Florina peppers, beans and other vegetables as well as the entirely unique in taste and texture fish and sea food of the Greek seas which for many are undiscovered and enchanting taste pleasures.

Greek Wine Experiences

Thanks to the Greek grape varieties there are so many different aromatic and taste proposals offered by Greek wines delightfully match many national cuisines of the world, boosting the satisfaction they offer.
Until today Greek wine can be found in some of the best restaurants of the world, like a hidden treasure and wine lovers everywhere have the opportunity to experience this wine tasting in Greece, on the same lands were all history took place.
The opportunity of combining all this with the appareled scenery and experiences that Greece has to offer, the gastronomic wealth of this cosmopolitan country, or just the feeling of enjoying a bottle of excellent Greek wine in the sun can make this journey unforgettable.