One of the two most important red varieties of the Greek vineyard which we come across mainly in the Peloponnese and mostly in Nemea, but because of its dynamics, gradually in other parts of Greece too. It is a multifunctional variety since, except from the fresh (tank) or barrel red PDO Nemea wines (often with a potential of long aging) gives sweet PDO wines of an according categorization but also very good rose wines, all of them with a rich, vivid and deep color. Their nose and mouth are seductive and captivating. The dry, fresh red Agiorgitiko wines (from a tank) have aromas of fresh red fruits and are characterized by the way they are easily drank and quench one’s thirst, because of their moderate tannins. The ones that have been in a barrel can become highly concentrated and complex, in terms of nose and mouth aromas, tastes and feel. Some find similarities between the wines from a barrel aged Agiorgitiko and a Sangiovese one.