If only one variety of Greece was to be characterized “world-class” it would be Assyrtiko. Originating from the unique island of Santorini on which it thrives, has dominated most of mainland Greece, because of the excellent results it has there. In Santorini, however, with the special climate (coastal vineyards, strong winds, very limited rainfall) and mainly volcanic soil, creates exquisite wines. They retain steel acidity in combination with a quite high alcohol content, a potential of very long aging and complex, distinctive but complex aromas of fruits, citrus fruit and herbs, with a spicy and mainly, incredibly mineral character. It is found on its own or in a blend, in dry and sweet wines (Vinsanto), PDO Santorini and in PDO Monemvasia-Malvasia wine. Wines from Assyrtiko are extremely friendly with food and mature perfectly in a barrel.