Ktima Papagiannakos

Meeting 13:30 at Sintagma Square front of the Post office from where we depart to our Attika Wineries. There are several wineries around Athens and we have chosen the best selection for you starting from family wineries till the most modern and famous ones.

Our first stop will be Ktima Papagiannakos, the most famous and most modern winery at the Attica. The winery was established in 1919 and the present building is the first bioclimatic winery in Greece(green /energy saving building) awarded twice by the Hellenic Association of Architecture.

After a tour in the winery, where you will get familiar with the wine making techniques, we will taste 5 fabulous wines.

Ktima Mylona

Our next stop will be a small family winery Ktima Mylona in the heart of a small village – Keratea – close to Athens .half_daygal2

The history of the winery starts almost a century ago, back in 1917 with the grandfather Antonis, whose main occupation was the vine and winemaking. He left the grape must to ferment in amphorae, since stainless steel tanks were unknown at that time. Practically, the history of Mylonas brothers begins in 2000 when, after the loss of their father, they took over the responsibility to follow the steps and evolve what he made, and even go a step further.

The result was the creation of a brand new, small, modern winery, the standardization of their  wines and their first official presence in the Greek market in 2006 with their trademark being “Savatiano Mylonas Winery”.

We will pair 4 fabulous wines with chocolates to sweeten your day.

Will return to center of Athens around 17:30