About Us

We create for you the most caprivating Wine Tours in Greece

Welcome to PAM TOURS, your invaluable Greek Connection, experience the PAM FACTOR and now, explore the historic Greek Wine Land and its unique wines, with our specialized team of wine experts, who will guarantee you unique wine tours in Greece.

Since our establishment in 1981, PAM TOURS has long been synonymous with superior service and excellence, efficient and innovative solutions, striving to bring unsurpassed knowledge and added value to our clients.

Today, over 30 years later, PAM TOURS remains in the forefront of the DMC landscape, providing improved services which continue to generate confidence in our customers. Meet and greet, transfer and transport, accommodate, find restaurants and conference venues, experience activities, excursions, themed events, and gala dinners through PAM TOURS and now, experience unique wine tours in Greece, discover the great wine land and taste the new wines of Greece, exploring some of the most “top obscure” and historic wines of the whole wine world. Feel confident to discover the greek wine tourism in the hands of our team of wine experts; let the magic of the Greek vineyard and its wines to carry you to the best greek wine tour you made ever and meet the captivating Greek cuisine, the real mother of the Mediterranean gastronomy.

Our Network

Through our extensive network of associate offices throughout Greece and our 4 local braches in Crete, Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes (Corfu) we can provide instantaneous and effective assistance, even in the greek wine tourism. We keep abreast of the continuously evolving industry, as well as the growth, changes and developments in the field of technology and in the needs of our clientele.

Yet one thing remains the same – the importance of the close-working partnerships which we share with our clients, their ultimate success and our ability to always deliver the PAM FACTOR.